John Weland

Web Developer, Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

About Me

Let me tell you a few things...

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First & foremost; I am a father to a beautiful daughter & a husband to an amazing wife, both of whom gracefully accept my nerdy ways.

I am martial artist, a gamer, a lover of all this technoloy & a creator.

I aim to work in an environment where my skill set is put to good use & I am given the opportunity to grow my skills further. My aspiration is to always be impactful, to leave a legacy of great things for the places at which I work.


Software Engineer

At ICSolutions I have worked on & maintained the "Enforcer" ICSolutions' cheif IP, as well as created the ERTS devtools used by engineering & helpdesk alike.

Decypher Technologies

Mobile Apps Developer

While Decypher, I worked as a contactor for the Department of Defense, building mobile applications & PWAs for the Army Medical Department, Center & School to provide combat medics with digital training materials.

Duke Contracting

Network Technician

At Duke, I was in charge of setting up both wired & wireless solutions for home & small office networks. This ranged from running all new Cat5e on new construction to minimizing WiFi signal loss on exsisting construction.