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I have been in love with technology as a whole since I was in my early teens. Keeping up with the latest trends in web design and best practices in web development isn't just something I do; it's what I enjoy doing. When I am not neck-deep in code or theorizing a new design I can be found in the Do Jang practicing Tang Soo Do working on earning my Cho Dan. I love spending time with my Two Beautiful Ladies, or occasionally lost in the compelling story of one game or another. John Weland

Web Designer and Developer. Technology Nut.
Deep Thinker. Martial Artist.
Writer. Gamer. Nerd.
Patriot. Super-Hero Complex.

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Website Launch

launch day countdown

Written by John Weland on April 21, 2014

Website Launch I thought to commemorate the launch of my portfolio website with a blog post. I had been procrastinating on setting up my own portfolio site over the last few years thinking that my resume would speak for itself and a website was just icing on the cake. As a web developer I know […]

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Canyon Lake Tang Soo Do

This website was a hand built WordPress (WP) theme utilizing HTML 5, CSS 3, and JQuery. It disables the default WP JQuery version 1.11.0 and replaces it with version 2.1.0. All supporting CSS and JavaScript files were developed for mobile friendly responsive web, and are bundled and minified for minimal HTTP request and fast response. […]

Technologies used:

  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress

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