Welcome to the blog

It has been a while since I’ve done much of anything with this website, hence why it has always been a static site. I have tossed around the idea of adding a blog here for some time but I was always unsure if I could commit to regular posts. I am still unsure whether I’ll be able to hold to a commitment. However, I figured not having a blog means no posts, if I pull the trigger at least I’ll have tried and there would be some content.


I have realized over the last few years that aside from just “doing” tech, I actually have a lot to say about it. So, now, as you see there is a blog. My goal is to post at least once a month on a variety of topics. I hope to be able to post bits of code that help solve common tasks, or little pearls of wisdom learned that might help another. At the very least have an archive of things I’ve figured out so that when I forget them I can double back & get back on track.


I’ll have code snippets & things I am working on either professionally or simply as a student of life (in code). I’ll attempt to give my take on life-type-things like “imposter syndrome” & staying sane as a developer. I work as a software engineer many focused on PHP, I do a lot of frontend work as well so CSS, HTML & best practices. Recently I’ve taken a shine ot game development with the Untiy game engine using C#. So really any & all of that could end up here. Also, as I add things to my portfolio, there may occasionally be a write up here about that as well.


I know as a general rule, you should never ask the internet not to do something because then, inevitably trolls will seek out to just that. I have comments enabled by default right now, please don’t abuse the system. I would like to keep commenting enabled & allow for the blog to be a conversation.

Commenting is handled by Disqus, while not the most performant thing on the internet. It works & was far less work than reinventing the wheel… For now…

Behind the scenes

Under the hood, this is still a static site hosted on Github Pages. However, now, it is using Jekyll to programmatically build the website every time I make a commit. That is to say, every time I write an article & push it to Github the site is rebuilt with the new content.

The style of the website is written in Sass, a CSS preprocessor. I will be making minute changes here & there to improve performance, accessibility & SEO. I did add a service worker to do some light background tasks in order to make this website a PWA; meaning, in theory, you could install this to your smart phone’s home screen if you wanted & treat it like an application.