I Write Things


Whats all this about?

I occasionally write about the things I do & experiance in the work place. Maybe it is a quick post explaining a neat feature I found in a bit of software that makes life easier. Or perhapse an explaination of snippet of code I wrote. It might even be it about adapting to challenges or battling imposter syndrome.

Below are some of my most recent posts or you can browse the archives to dig further back. I try to spellcheck my work but don't always catch it. Sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain is processing, or maybe a lack of caffine. I'll have commenting enabled where I can so long as people are not abusing the system.

Building a cloud centric IP blocking microservice

It is not uncommon these days to have a potential employer put your skills to the test with a code challenge. Typically, in my experience, this is a smaller task or set of tasks and they expect you do perform live over the course of a few minutes to an... Read More

Building a URL Shortening service

While bored, I wanted to hone my skills and make something useful. Often my biggest struggle is finding something ‘fun’, useful to make while still being doable in small chunks so I can actually get something tangible quickly and then build upon it. Goals I decided to make a URL... Read More

Working in a Linux shop owned by a Windows shop

You’ll have to forgive this if it comes off as ‘ranty’. It is something I’ve dealt with for a few years here. Longer if you take the overarching neglect & apply it to other places I’ve worked. A Bit of History Currently, I am a Software Engineer working for a... Read More